HELP!!! I Have Outgrown My Craft Room

Let me start by introducing my , hi, My name is Betsy and I have issues with buying crafting equipment . I can't be like everyone else and buy small things , nope , for me I like to take it up a notch and buy the big toys. That means I have now run out of space , again. It might help if I give you a little background if you have no idea who I am . I am a YouTuber and my channel is Cuttin Corners Vinyl and I also had a business with the same name. I have suffered a lot of health issues and decided to closed it. With that being said , I figured I would have no issue down sizing but guess what, WRONG! I have been, not so slowly building my collection back up. If you are interested in following along with with me as I try to find a solution to my problem then ... stay tuned. I'm aiming for new posts every week but I do have medical issues so they may be a little sporadic .

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