Vinyl Addiction

Updated: May 2

Yesterday our internet went down for most of the day, actually it went down for a most of Nederland, there was a major outage with Spectrum. I decided it was a good time to rearrange and organize my office. I have had some good health days lately and I’m going to take full advantage of it. I've been trying to find to the perfect layout where I have access to the things I need but I don't feel cramped.Plus, I've been trying to find a good storage solution for my vinyl collection. See what I did there? It sounds better than hoarding. The issue I face is my office / craft room is pretty small. It’s about 10’x12’ and I have a lot to do in the space. Plus, I’m pretty spoiled I’m used to having around 2000 square feet for me to do whatever I want with. I also share it with 3 rescue pups , a 10lb. chihuahua and a pair of 65lb. mixed breed 9 month old angels ( they are sweet as can be but rambunctious).

I digress, I’m wanting to keep the bulk of my vinyl in sheets except for black and white because those colors I use all the time. But,one major thing I have discovered during my organization process out is that I may have a tiny addiction to vinyl. This picture is just my Specialty Materials HTV prints. The stack is almost 6 inches tall ( this doesn’t include my what is in scrap box ). The sad part is I have more. But hey, you never know when you will need 12 candy cane stripes or 8 conversations hearts. This is just the tip of the iceberg though when it comes to my vinyl stash. I will definitely update y'all once I find the perfect vinyl storage solution and on the ever evolving craft space.

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